Day 12: Girl Develop It, Rocks!


I had the pleasure of learning from and connecting with some awesome ladies from Girl Develop IT this past weekend. They are a non profit organization that empowers, teaches and connects women from all walks of life through tech. We learned HTML and CSS–two powerful languages needed to create and design beautiful websites. It felt good to sit among women from all backgrounds, but on similar journeys–learning, creating and fostering relationships for the greater good.

Not everyone’s mission is to become Web Developers or Designers, but I believe we all are determined to become better versions of ourselves. I personally took the course to learn the fundamentals of web development; while connecting with like-minded women. My goal is continue building up my confidence and skill set in order to empower other women to do the very same. Along the journey, who knows maybe one day I’ll facilitate a class and share my knowledge and experiences as an empowered woman in tech!




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