The Displaced Lives Matter, Too!

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At any given time here in America and even closer to home, in Philadelphia a woman and her child or a teen mom is faced with homelessness. It has been an epidemic in our society for far too long. On a grand scale social awareness, legislation, education, housing and resources are all critical matters needed to end homelessness, but what are some small, impactful actions that can be taken right now for displaced women living in shelters? Being able to alleviate a burden that we sometimes take for granted is providing toiletries for them so they can focus on reclaiming their independence and self sufficiency. As the founder of For Her Sake Foundation, Inc we are on a mission to support women and teen moms living in Philadelphia homeless shelters and safe havens by donating toiletries directly to them. Imagine not having enough money to buy something simple; yet critical as a toothbrush or pampers for your child? These are some of the challenges these women deal with on a daily basis in addition to all the other physical, emotional, mental and financial struggles going on simultaneously in their lives.

As a community, it’s our responsibility to help as much as we can the displaced who are often times forgotten. If it’s through volunteering at a local shelter, organizing a food or toiletry drive, writing to legislation, or by donating money, your support is highly appreciated and needed now more than ever. One of our greatest contributions to the world is our acts of kindness towards others.



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