Students Are Starving!

Ramen noodles are a staple for most American college students. One may say, it’s even a cultural norm, but what about the students who live off of ramen noodles alone–or worse, nothing at all! A while back I read an article here on LinkedIn how Temple University students and faculty established a food bank on campus to combat the epidemic of food insecurity. Food is a basic human need and it should be considered a crime to pretend like hunger doesn’t exist on college campuses. Moreover, to know about it and do nothing. Students young and old struggle with rising costs of tuition, costs of textbooks, and personal obligations, just to name a few. They shouldn’t have to add to their load of where their next meal will come from.

Knowing this exist on college campuses has motivated me to not only write about it to raise awareness, but to actually do something. Small beginnings. Baby steps. I’m no expert on this topic, I’m only a student and person wanting to make a difference. When we think of hunger we often associate it with people who live on the streets, but the issue goes far beyond that. Hunger doesn’t discriminate. One day hunger isn’t an issue for you and your family and the next you’re scrambling to figure out what and how you’ll eat. Hunger touches everyone. It doesn’t matter if you’re young or old. Black or white. Male or female. Affluent or unknown. Hunger has long been a serious epidemic in our society and within urban colleges and universities, it is now affecting those who are seeking a better education, a better life for themselves.

Students come to college from all walks of life with the desire to develop personally, professionally and academically. It becomes a collective effort on the part of their community to ensure they are successful in their endeavors. Supporting them from a holistic approach–nourishing their minds as well as their bodies is critical if we expect them to excel and be productive members and leaders within our society.


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